Whatsapp Business Review & Lies.

TL:DR; Whatsapp Business will provide free cloud storage for businesses in 2021 using Facebook servers. Facebook lacks credibility due to numerous scandals over the misuse of its users’ data. Possible solution: alliance with independent Decentralized Cloud Storage companies that guarantee security and privacy (E.g: Internxt).

To know more about decentralized storage I recommend this article.

Please read the whole article to know all the details of the next big update of Whatsapp.

Whatsapp will be upgrading its applications before 2021 to give companies that use Whatsapp Business the opportunity to get free cloud storage for archiving messages with customers. If you don’t know what Whatsapp Business is, I will explain it to you briefly, it is a new tool that supports e-commerce for thousands of businesses making it easier for them to sell their products more directly.

Whatsapp Business advertisement

Whatsapp (Facebook) always knows very well what strategy to follow, this is why for Christmas 2020 we will see in our devices the option to buy without leaving the messaging application.

Matt Idema (Whatsapp’s COO) has confirmed to the media that Whatsapp Business chats will not be encrypted from end to end but when you read their terms and conditions they claim the opposite. Who do we have to believe?

Not only that, he also assured that the conversations a user has with a company through Whatsapp Business will not be stored on Whatsapp’s servers (where the chats with our contacts are stored), but will be stored on Facebook’s servers. The problem is that although Facebook “claims” (but we all know Facebook’s bad reputation) that they will not use the data received for commercial purposes, these chats will not be encrypted from end to end.

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer 2020 study, what matters most is Trust, Competition and Ethics. And I don’t find this in the values of Facebook and its companies. You cannot publish two different versions and trust that no one will notice.

One solution I propose is that Whatsapp Business stores data in external open source storage clouds that have no benefit from knowing the data stored. And if use Blockchain technology, even better. An example that meets all this could be Internxt Drive, a decentralised cloud storage that offers both individual and soon a business storage. It also offers 2GB free for life, a money-making referral program, various economical plans, and an easy-to-use web and mobile iOS & Google Play app.

Screenshot of Internxt Drive

And what does Whatsapp wants to achieve? Obviously to increase their income, and having access to over 1,5 billions users, Whatsapp knows that no one can overshadow them, so reaching so many potential customers has a price. Although storage on the Facebook servers will be free, for each message sent they will charge between $0.005 and $0.09. At first glance it seems cheap, but in the long run it is not.

I’ll give you an example, a company talks to 20 people with 7 messages per day, sent at an average price of $0.035, that’s already $5 a day, $150 a month, almost $1,000 a semester. Add to this that firms must hire someone to manage this network 24/7 or implement a chat bot because we already know that e-commerce has no schedules.

That Whatsapp Business offers small businesses the opportunity to become known and be able to cope with this pandemic, is really good. But they shouldn’t lie or hide information.

It should not matter to the CEOs of Facebook and Whatsapp allied with other more neutral companies (such as Internxt Drive) to take care of cloud storage as it would help improve the opinion that many people have of these quasi-monopolies.


As for Whatsapp, as much as it says that messages and calls are encrypted from end to end, as it is not open source, we have to trust their word as no one outside of them can verify it.

“Facebook is a surveillance company that has been renamed a social network” Edward Snowden

Knowing that Facebook advertising supposed 98.84% of revenues in Q3 2020, it’s obvious that this would be the next step in monetising WhatsApp. How could Zuckerberg not want to get another information source? The result of adding Whatsapp closed code + the possibility that they do NOT use real end-to-end encryption makes me doubt about privacy of conversations with customers.

Thank you very much for getting this far! Do you agree with me? Do you trust Facebook and its companies? Share this post among friends and comment!




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Privacy, Blockchain, Proton

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