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We all make backups for our personal photos or work files because we appreciate them and don’t want to lose them. In fact, it is important to make backups periodically every year.

Using backup tools is very useful for this, especially because it is becoming more and more uncomfortable to carry a USB, and it’s insecure to have all your files on a hard drive that you can lose or can be damaged at any time.

For all this, and since it is a common action, the most important thing is to do it safely.

In general, backup is based on making a copy of original files in order to be able to recover them in the future in case of losing them.

Given the importance of this action, it is important to do it in a private way and take precautions. Especially nowadays as every day, there are more vulnerabilities on the Internet and there are more new cases of hacking on the network, leaked data, viruses, etc.

Here are some facts based on data that you should know and that will make you realize the importance of storing your files safely.

According to a survey made by Varonis:

Security is something undervalued every day on the net by millions of users and even companies, it’s a sign of the times.

Because of all this, my personal recommendation is doing backups in Internxt’s platform, where backups allow saving copies of folders of the user’s choice periodically.

They also have an option to sync files, like other clouds. While sync is intended for files that change frequently and are consulted a lot by the user, backups are used for large-volume folders that are not consulted as often. Also, they are stored indefinitely until they are replaced by a newer copy.

Moreover, backups can only be downloaded via website at the moment and unlike normal files, they have no download limit, this is something I appreciate. Other platforms do not have that option and Internxt makes it possible because of the used APIs implemented by some browsers.

It’s regular to not be able to check your backup in from a browser. In the case of Internxt, you cannot see the content of the backups from the drive web, you can just see them listed. To access them, you need to do it from the Desktop App.

An advantage I see in doing backups in their cloud is that the backup reacts to changes on directories periodically, not automatically, so you can set if you want the backup to be every 12 hours, 6 hours, etc.

Don’t be part of those who lose all their data and back up frequently. And remember that your privacy online is as important as your “real” privacy.

I’ve recommended you my favorite option and I’m sure you will love it but there many others.

Have you ever lose your data? Do you back up? Let me know in the comments section.



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