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TL;DR. Storj is a realtive new Descentralized Cloud Storage that offers privacy and security to its users (similar to Opacity or Internxt Drive). On the downside, it does not have a free trial or a mobile app so it is not as functional as other competitors (eg. Internxt). Moreover, some computers skills are required for you to be able to use Storj . If you want to know more about the pros and of Storj please read the full article.

Tardigrade, commonly known as Storj, is not only the name of an animal that can survive extreme temperatures and ecosystems, it is also Storj’s decentralized cloud storage platform.

To warm up our engines we have to start by knowing what Tardigrade is. On this platform, as well as the others we will mention later, you can upload files to the cloud in a more secure way since it uses Blockchain technology, which packages and encrypts all the information so that no one can access it except you.

Tardigrade is a decentralized cloud store that does not store your files in giant databases but in decentralized networks connected by nodes that provide users around the world who are rewarded with payments through the company’s own tokens $STORJ.

To avoid confusion, the word Storj will be used throughout the post instead of Tardigrade, although I would like to point out that Tardigrade is Storj’s cloud storage service and Storj is also the service that focuses on managing the nodes.

One of the differences between Storj and the others is that it is relatively new in the market since it was born last year so they are still starting. However, there are other more mature options such as SIA or Internxt Drive that already have more than 3 years of experience in this sector.


First of all and just like its competitors, Storj has bet on the best of the best and it is the Blockchain tech, which makes this not a typical cloud storage but a decentralized one. This is what makes your data 100% protected and only you can access.

Secondly, Storj offers you the possibility to store up to 999TB with 999,999 downloads which is a lot for most companies but necessary when you work with large amounts of data.

Another advantage that can be highlighted from Storj is that it has many payment options, among which you can pay with your $STORJ token, by credit card or credit account. If you have all of them, you will be charged sooner with their cryptocurrency. That is, the order would be:

  1. Cryptocurrency $STORJ
  2. Credit Account
  3. Credit Card

Furthermore, with Storj you do not have fixed plans but can create your own rate, modifying both the GB/TB of storage and the number of downloads.


First of all, it does not have a free version that many of the other alternatives do. These days, with so much information floating around the Internet, if you don’t give a free trial, many potential users will first go looking for reviews. Aren’t you reading this without being registered?

After that, Storj does not have a mobile app. If I want to download files away from home and send them, should I take my computer with me? It’s a MUST that other cloud storage platforms have had for years.

In the advantages section we have seen that it has several payment methods, but is it because its prices are higher than its rivals? For example, Internxt Drive, Sia or Opacity are much cheaper. As much as Storj allow you to create your own plan, it is a great disadvantage to be more expensive when there are other equally valid options.

I also want to emphasize that their platform is not designed for a normal user, like you and me, to be able to navigate it smoothly. I would say that you need to have some more computing skills to access the cloud and feel comfortable. It is not made for an intermediate user.

As it is not designed to be used by a normal user like us, many doubts can arise, and that is where Storj’s customer service comes in. As I have experienced in my own flesh this service is a bit deficient. Storj has a forum where if you want to ask something, you have to be registered and to get the answer you are looking for a lot of clicks are needed. As for their Twitter, it is rather informative and they don’t usually answer questions.

For those interested in storing space, payments are not a wonder. For example, I know hosts that receive $20 monthly for 5TB at Storj, when other options like Internxt pays $50 for the same space.

Finally, it should be noted that Tardigrade is a very new service from Storj, so they continue to test and improve their cloud. A product must be launched on the market that is finished or that is missing only the final touches.


You can find many cloud storage platforms on the Internet, but few companies give you the assurance that your private files are really yours thanks to the Blockchain technology.

Sia, Opacity and Interxt Drive are good alternatives to Storj if you are looking for a secure and private decentralized storage… But of these 3 options, which I have tried for some time, the ones I highlight are the following 2:

Internxt Drive ⇒

  1. Internxt Drive can be used by anyone since its minimalist website helps the user to know in an intuitive way how to upload or download files. In other words, it has a really good UX.
  2. If you know how to use Google Drive or Amazon Drive (which do not use Blockchain) you know how to use Internxt Drive since they use the same API.
  3. Unlike these 3 cloud storage platforms, Internxt Drive is EU-Based, while the other alternatives are US-Based which have suffered several privacy violations.

Opacity ⇒

  1. They don’t ask you any information, not even an email. Is a complete anonymous cloud storage.
  2. As Internxt, Opacity Cloud Storage has an easy-to-use site for normal users.

Do you already use decentralized cloud storage? Did you know the Blokchain benefits? Thank you for reading my post, waiting for your replies!



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