ProtonDrive price, release date and review

TL;DR. ProtonDrive already out for Web. ProtonDrive be integrated under ProtonApps (umbrella company behind ProtonMail, ProtonWallet, ProtonCalendar, ProtonVPN, etc). Your already existing Proton subscription will be valid for ProtonDrive (eg, if you currently have an active 100 GB and 5 users ProtonMail plan, you will also be able to use those on ProtonDrive at no additional cost). ProtonDrive will be similar to Tresorit, pCloud. On the downside, it might not be as secure as services adding an additional layer of anonymity through file fragmentation & distribution (eg Internxt). Please read the full article to learn all details about ProtonDrive.

Hello everyone,

I’m a big fan of MR Robot, privacy, blockchain technology and, of course, ProtonMail. This article will get regularly updated to provide the latest news on ProtonDrive’s development (updated as of December 2020).

JUST IN. ProtonApps (parent behind ProtonMail&co) also expected to launch in 2021 Segure Digital Authenitcation service ProtonKey.

ProtonMail has created the umbrella ProtonApps (similar to what Google did with Alphabet). It seems like ProtonApps will be the mother brand under which we will have products like ProtonVPN, ProtonMail and of course, ProtonDrive. As per the multiple Proton customer surveys, code I’ve been able to gather, reddit posts & official tweets, here’s what we have so far with regards to ProtonDrive:

ProtonDrive is already rolling out as a beta, and it features a similar experience to that offered by Tresorit, pCloud or Sync (zero-knowledge encryption). Good thing here is that ProtonDrive will be integrated under ProtonApps, which includes ProtonMail, ProtonVPN, ProtonDrive, ProtonKey and the just released ProtonCalendar. This isn’t offered by our friends at Tresorit & co.

As much as ProtonDrive is secure though, I’m still hesitant on whether it’s more secure than Internxt Drive. I’m currently using Internxt Drive, and I can only recommend that you guys give it a try; it’s free and totally worth it. It’s the current only cloud storage service that doesn’t only provide client-side encryption (like ProtonDrive and many others, see above), but it goes a step further by offering its service on an infrastructure of data centers spread all over the globe. Internxt, nor any third-party can access any of your files. That’s it. Files uploaded to Internxt Drive are fragmented, client-side encrypted and distributed all over the globe, so that a server never holds a complete file, but instead an encrypted shard. AKA MAX PRIVACY. You can read more about the topic here.

So, all in all, I believe ProtonDrive is expected to be a pCloud-like service, integrated under the ProtonApps umbrella (behind which we have Proton Technologies AG), and should launch in the last quarter of 2020. Pricing should be similar to that of Tresorit, Sync, Internxt Drive, pCloud & co, and it would also feature a free plan. I will keep updating this article as more information becomes available.

DISCLAIMER. I’m in no way affiliated with ProtonMail, and the information here provided is not official. All views expressed here are my own.




Privacy, Blockchain, Proton

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Mr Robot

Privacy, Blockchain, Proton

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