pCloud Lifetime Review, Price. Is it worth it? Premium 500GB, Plus 2TB

Are lifetime memberships worth it? Is it truly forever? Are they sustainable for those companies selling them? These days it’s becoming increasingly popular to see software companies selling lifetime licenses. These licenses allow you to use a company’s service forever.

pCloud, just like Internxt and IceDrive, offers lifetime cloud storage deals. These three services offer zero-knowledge cloud storage.

In the case of pCloud, they are offering two sorts of lifetime plans, which would allow you to use pCloud forever. Well, for 99 years, or until you die, to be precise — as per their Terms of Service. The first of the two, offers you 500 GB for just €175. It’s a one-time payment, so you don’t have to pay any more money for this service. Considering pCloud’s 500GB subscription costs €49 / year, if you’re planning to subscribe to pCloud for more than 4 years, you’d be better off by getting their lifetime plan. Think of it as renting a house vs actually buying it. On the other hand, pCloud offers a 2TB plan for just €350. Same maths here. I own the 2TB pCloud lifetime plan, and it’s a good choice. Their mobile, web and desktop apps are pretty good.

I also own an Internxt lifetime membership. Internxt also offers zero-knowledge encryption, and I find their overall UX slightly better than that of pCloud. Internxt offers a 1TB lifetime plan for just €99, which is much, much cheaper than that of pCloud. Internxt also offers 5TB for €299, which is more than twice more than pCloud, for less money than pCloud’s 2TB lifetime plan. Finally, Internxt offers a 10TB lifetime plan for €499, which is also a great deal.

Tip! Access pCloud’s website with a USA VPN, as they display the same prices in USD ($175 vs €175).




Privacy, Blockchain, Proton

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Privacy, Blockchain, Proton

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