LEAKED: ProtonMail is launching ProtonChat, ProtonDrive, ProtonWallet and more


This time I’m here to leak the brand new design and products that Proton Technologies AG will soon launch. As you might know, I leaked the release of ProtonDrive, which launched a few weeks ago.

A person close to the brand shared a graphic with me, that leaks the current and upcoming services that Proton will launch. ProtonMail (Proton Technologies AG) is about to launch ProtonChat, an alternative to Signal Messenger. The company will also develop Internxt alternative ProtonDrive further, and will launch Desktop and Mobile apps. The company will also release ProtonWallet, a cryptocurrency wallet similar to CoinBase Wallet. This is aligned with the company’s continued effort to create a whole privacy ecosystem that competes with that of Google.

Kudos to Proton Technologies — huge fan of what you guys are doing!




Privacy, Blockchain, Proton

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Mr Robot

Mr Robot

Privacy, Blockchain, Proton

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