Icedrive Lifetime Review: Prices and Comparations

Mr Robot
2 min readNov 19, 2021


If you were wondering if IceDrive lifetime plans are worth it, here is your post.

First of all, Icedrive is a decentralized storage cloud that uses zero-knowledge encryption system. One of the strongest points that stand out of IceDrive is its privacy and security.

This is important because privacy is becoming more and more important and people value these features on services.

There are many critics of lifetime plans, is it better to pay on a recurring basis like those who pay for Netflix? Or to pay a one-off amount and be able to enjoy your service forever?

For me, the second option is more convenient, although it does carry some risks, such as the company disappearing. But that’s another matter.

Icedrive has three lifetime plans:

150 GB 89€

1 TB 199€

5 TB 499€

I’ve seen many users complaining on social media and reviews about them changing their prices many times (some of those changes made no sense) without noticing users. Also, for me, the plan of 150 GB for a lifetime plan makes no sense and for that price as well, considering that is such a ‘small’ storage and because of that I would rather pay a subscription.

Also, the terms of the service on their page are a bit vague and they are not really clear. I would also love that there is an option for 2FA but that is not the case, maybe they will do that in the future.


For all this, I decided to switch to Internxt and leave behind Icedrive. Internxt is working on building a private Internet. Basically, it’s a secure cloud storage service available for individuals and businesses. It counts with a Mobile, Desktop and Web app. Files uploaded to Internxt’s infrastructure are client-side encrypted and fragmented. I’ve read that they are also working on some other services such as Mail, Photos and File transfer.

Internxt is also zero-knowledge and easy to use. For me, most of the drawbacks of IceDrive are solved with Internxt Drive.

The 1TB plan from Internxt costs 99€, which is very cheap, considering that for about that price, Icedrive gives you only 150GB (and from what I’ve seen during the time I’ve used the free plan, there’s no trick behind; plus there’s no difference between the services offered on subscription and lifetime). The 5TB plan costs 299€ and the 10TB plan costs 499€.

I haven’t seen such competitive prices in other cloud storage. Note that features offered by Internxt compared to IceDrive are more extensive.

What do you think?