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3 min readNov 9, 2021


It is not a secret that Google, Dropbox, and many other companies use third parties and access our private data. That’s why many people are starting to take care of their privacy and switching to more private and secure cloud storage.

But sometimes these types of clouds are not affordable for all budgets. An example of this is Tresorit. At the end of this post I will give you some cheaper alternatives such as Internxt. But for now, let’s focus on Tresorit. A priori it seems to be a great cloud, high level of privacy and security, zero-knowledge and end-to-end encryption. But then it comes the price. Tresorit does not offer a free plan. This is something that I personally don’t like since I believe that when a company does this is because they are not worried about privacy but about money.

But they do have subscriptions, available for individuals and businesses.
In terms of individuals, the cheapest plan is the 500GB plan and it costs €10/monthly. And the 2500GB plan costs €25 monthly. Those prices are quite expensive compared to the prices of other private and cloud storage such as Internxt where you can have 2000GB (2TB) for just €8.99/month.

Prices in terms of business are slightly better, not just because of the prices but because is a collaborative tool so the functionalities are higher. But prices are still high. You can purchase the standard (€12/month per user), the business plus (€16/month per user), and the enterprise (€20/month per user).

Tresorit does not offer lifetime plans. I’ve written about lifetime plans in my previous post. For me, lifetime plans are something very positive from the customer side. Lifetime plans allow you to save huge quantities of money and they are the perfect solution when you truly like a cloud. However, Tresorit has decided not to offer this option to its clients maybe because of profitability issues.

To be completely honest, I like Tresorit, I like the design and the usability of it. However, I don’t really think it is worth it when you have other alternatives in the market as secure as this one.

I wonder which individual or company is going to spend this quantity of money on a cloud. I guess that if they are really worried and concerned about privacy they should rethink about the strategy they are approaching since it is not the right one. If prices are that expensive then people are not going to switch to private alternatives, they are going to keep saving their files in clouds such as Google Drive. For me, this is not the path to follow if you try to make a positive change in society. That’s why I recommend you cheaper alternatives such as Internxt Drive. The same level of privacy at an affordable price and they do have a free plan and lifetime plans.

What about you? Are you concerned about prices as well? Have you ever tried Tresorit?



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