Celebrities, Hackers & Decentralized Cloud Storage: How are they related?

The alarm clock rings, you wake up and when you look at your mobile you have over a hundred calls and thousands of messages. You don’t know what’s going on, but when you open one of those messages you see the picture you didn’t want anyone to see. A private photo. A personal picture that now everyone has. This is what happened to Vanessa Hudgens at the age of 19 when some naked photos of her were leaked. Even nowadays, 13 years after that event, she still declares that it was a very hard moment and that she needed psychological help to overcome the pain

So…do you think this is an isolated case?

Well no, there are more cases. Many more.

In today’s post I’m going to talk about some of the most notorious data theft scandals in Hollywood, about how this can happen to all of us and also about how we can avoid it. Because yes, it is avoidable. And the solution is very simple, so I recommend you to read till the end.


Are you familiarized with this name? The Oscar-winning actress was also a victim of hackers in 2014. Jennifer assures that when this happened she felt furious and scared at the same time. At that moment she started to write a letter of apology until she realised that she had nothing to apologise for.

And that´s true. You don’t have to apologize for what you do in your private life (as long as it is legal, I want to make this very clear). It is true that Jennifer was lucky and this scandal did not affect her reputation or her career. But in a world away from the spotlight many are the victims who see their careers damaged. Not to mention the enormous psychological harm this whole situation can produce in a human being.


The former Disney star turned the situation around. The hacker was tormenting her for days because of some half-naked photos that Bella had sent to a specific person. Under this situation, Bella made the brave decision of publishing the images herself before the hacker did so. In that way, the hacker had nothing to blackmail her with. Before doing this, she published a note on all her social networks talking about the psychological pain she had suffered in the previous days and the tormenting harassment she had received from the hacker.

No doubt, this is a situation that no one should suffer. Because privacy is something that should be assured. The photos she took are hers and she is the only one who can decide what to do with them. No one else can take that power away from her.


Women are not the only victims of those attacks. Gregg Sulkin, Bella Thorne’s ex, was also hacked. In particular, hackers used their social networks to spread racist and hateful messages. The actor claimed that it wasn’t him, but he didn’t hesitate for a second before apologizing because he was aware of the seriousness of these messages. Apart from this event, a video in which the actor appeared naked was also leaked.


It is not necessary that the photos stolen are in compromising situations or that you appear naked for you to feel that they are violating your privacy. The mere fact that someone accesses or publishes what you consider private is already a violation.

That is the case of Emma Watson. The actress and activist suffered the attack of hackers and some photos of a clothing fitting were published. And no, she was not naked. But this is a moment that she considers intimate and private and therefore no one should see these pictures without her permission.


These two names together sound a little strange, don’t they? Well, the common factor that connects them is “the hackers” who were making their lives kind of difficult. Hackers don’t just access or steal photos or videos. In fact, any documents or any online files that you have are also susceptible to being hacked (until I tell you the simple and easy solution to avoid it). This is what has happened to Lady Gaga and her team of lawyers because certain legal files have been leaked by some hackers and these are the same hackers that claim that they own confidential information about Trump.

The lawyers involved claim that it is impossible for the hackers to have information about Trump because they did not have any information about the president (Or maybe we should say ex president) . Anyways, you don’t need to hack Trump to get all his information, this is what his Twitter is made for.

In some cases the threats from hackers are merely bluffing to get a financial reward. Even so, this kind of behaviour should not be allowed.

I know I have only mentioned cases of celebrities but you should know that this is something that also happens outside Hollywood and that the repercussions are usually even worse.

You would never leave your front door open, would you? Then don’t do the same with your online information.

Imagine that some private photos of you were leaked. Or of photos of your son or sister or of any family member. Private photos that now everyone has access to. They are no longer yours. This would probably affect you in almost every area of your life. From work relations to personal relations. Fear and frustration would take over your life and probably cause psychological damage.

But it is not only photos or videos. Now imagine that you are a senior student. You’ve been working on your Final Project for months, searching information, studying, being sleepless for months because you want it to be perfect. And now imagine that one day you take the computer to make sure everything is perfect and then send it when you realize that you have been hacked. That document no longer exists, it has been modified or published so your own document would be considered plagiarism if you handed it in. And the same goes for an article you want to publish or the presentation of a new product you have been working on for years and that you are going to finally present in front of some investors.

And what would happen if the Covid-19 vaccine that the pharmaceutical company Pfizer is producing was filtered by some hackers from the competition when it is already 90% reliable? Can you imagine the economic and social impact that this would have?

These are situations that nobody would like to live, situations that make us suffer and that hurt us.

Many times, these kinds of things happen because of a lack of information. We accept conditions without reading them and rely on platforms that ensure they are secure when they are more than hackable. And I have a confession to make. I have been a user of these platforms for years. If you think that iCloud or DropBox are going to save you from hackers you are wrong. They are centralized platforms and ,therefore, insecure.

The solution is their antonym. Decentralized platforms. Decentralised platforms are so secure because they use blockchain technology and they are considered hacker-proof clouds. But you don´t have to believe me, you just have to know why. With Blockchain system, information is stored in a chain of blocks and distributed in many nodes. Each block contains its unique and unrepeatable code and also the code of the previous block, so if any of the blocks is altered the codes no longer match. This is what makes Blockchain so secure against any human manipulation and unhackable.

There are many decentralized clouds that allow you to enjoy your privacy. Each one with its own characteristics. I have already mentioned some of these clouds in my previous posts so probably you already know them: Sia, Internxt Drive, Storj, Holo, Elastos…are some of the decentralized clouds you can use to protect your privacy and some of them even offer a free version. This is the case of Sia and Internxt Drive among others. I assure you that when you try the decentralized storage you won’t go back to conventional storage platforms.

So start taking care of your privacy now! And remember something very important: If someone sends you a private photo or a personal document DO NOT share it (never) because it is a crime and also because it contributes to the suffering of a person!

I hope you liked it and see you in the next post! I read you!




Privacy, Blockchain, Proton

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